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Jacqui Cleijne

Jacqui Cleijne

Deloraine Tasmania

Jacqui Cleijne

Pet Portraits & Wildlife Art

"Celebrating the Life of Animals Through Art"

PET REVIEWS - Gallery 2




"Wow! What an amazing portrait of our beautiful Labrador Polly.


You have captured her remarkable brown eyes which sparkle full of life and mischief and with her very black shiny fur, she looks so regal. Thank you so much we now have another wonderful life like portrait to add to our fur family collection.


-Marie, Tasmania




"Rani’s ‘look’ is such a special thing that we were very nervous about whether Jacqui would be able to capture it, working only from photographs. However, all of our family was delighted when we opened the package: Jacqui had really caught the look very well, and in addition had got the setting true to life. We are really pleased with the portrait. In addition, dealing with Jacqui on organising the whole thing by e-mail was very smooth and easy."


- Mark, Victoria Australia





"I am so impressed with how realistic the portrait looks and how well Jacqui has captured Bear's personality into the portrait.  It is better than I could have ever imagined.   Jacqui has been exceptionally professional and personal from the first time I contacted her.  I am so thankful to Jacqui for the lovely work she has done which will forever be treasured by our family."


-Jasmin, Darwin Australia

Over many years, I have had the privilege of creating beautiful portraits for many clients, family and friends.

The reviews are testiment of how much joy my portraits have brought to their lives, and how a pet portrait is such an irreplaceable investment, cherished for a lifetime.





"Stephen loved the portraits, it brought tears to his eyes.  Of course Angel(dog) had to have a look and gave them her seal of approval.  I agree with Stephen's comment, there aren't any words that can describe how we feel about the portraits.  I was so excited when you said they were ready, but when I saw them, they were well and truly more than I expected.  I too, am lost for words.  We love them, and your talents are to be treasured and nurtured. You gave us something that we will treasure for the rest of our lives. A master piece. Thank you". (I couldn't wait till his birthday)!  


- Robin, Tas





"The picture is absolutely beautiful!  You have captured the specialness that is the heart and soul of my dog, his softness and loving nature is mirrored perfectly.  This is exactly what I was hoping for. It is even better than I could have imagined. Can't believe how lovely it is. The painting is now my most precious possession (apart from my dog)." Thanks so very much.


-Jeannie and Jet, Tasmania





"Turbo and I are so impressed with the life like quality of your portrait. Turbo has a very public life in the local community, loved and well known, so it’s fitting his portrait is now hanging in the house he shares with his owner. You have captured his enquiring and attentive face so well, it’s now difficult to remember when he used to pull all the sheets off the clothes line!"


Thank you so much...


- Anthea Simmons, Tasmania





"You captured the warmth of her soul beautifully and portrayed that little glint of her free spiritedness. It is a true semblance of her trusting nature, eminating the freedom and comfortable feels when in her company. The detail and softness is remarkable.  Thank you so very much for the joy this will be forever bring. My sister will be absolutely thrilled that I can assure, she will be lost in it just as I am. It is just so exciting, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, I just knew it would be perfect."


-Jeannie, Smithton Tasmania.





"Our dogs are a big part of our family life and bring us so much joy.  It was fantastic the way Jacqui captured the personalities of our  beautiful girls.  The colours are amazing and  I feel as if I want to pat the painting as it is so life like.    It is also an everlasting keepsake of our dogs who is no longer with us.


Jacqui is a truly talented artist and it is a privilege to have a piece of her art work in our home".



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