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Jacqui Cleijne

Jacqui Cleijne

Deloraine Tasmania

Jacqui Cleijne

Pet Portraits & Wildlife Art

"Celebrating the Life of Animals Through Art"

To commission a Pet Portrait please provide good quality photos either via email at no smaller than 1MB or alternatively photos can be posted to me directly and will be returned in original condition.


Taking a good photo of your pet can be challenging, and I suggest photographing them in natural light out of direct sunlight, showing fur colour, texture and very importantly showing clear eyes.  


If your pet is deceased, I can work with the photos you have.


Prices are negotiable depending on many factors ie; medium, size, and the number of pets in the painting.

Please contact me for more information.


Two or more pets combined can be a great way to save and makes for a nice portrait.


A natural setting can be used like a landscape or favourite place, as well as toys included in the portrait.

Please Contact Jacqui to discuss options, delivery and any other enquiry via email.


Alternatively, please fill in the form below for any enquiries you may have.

Information sent is private and no personal details will be held online.



A small deposit is required which is part payment of the portrait. Full payment is required before delivery.

Please email me for more information.


Payment plans available & Pensioner Discounts.

For portraits of deceased pets, I can use 'artistic license' and work with the photos you have.


100% Money Back Guarantee!


Thankfully all my customers have loved the results and wouldn't change anything.


*Payments via Pay Pal and Direct Deposit.


I would appreciate at least 2 weeks notice for special occasions.

How to Commission a Painting

* Required

Contact Jacqui :)